Master Filter 1054

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    5 filter media :
    Zeolite Plus(0.4mm) (Australia)
    Has an unusual crystalline structure &
    greater absorbing power,it also removes suspended solids, soluble heavy metals & soluble ammonium Anthracite (AN) (USA)
    Anthractice absorption and high precision, can remove particles, colloidal impurities, suspended solids, or removing iron & manganese.While trapping the sediments, being the primary function of the carbon, it leaves some chlorine in the water
    Silica Sand(0.45mm)
    Further trapping of very fine sediment at the surface of line silicon sand Silica Sand(1.2mm)
    Removes dirts and prevent diseases such as Typhoid,Chlolera, bihdryia & Amoeba Silica Sand(2.4mm)
    Most ideal use in dosmetic & industrial water filtration due to high density and the high level of hardness and toughness. It is effecient for removing particles, sediments, mud and suspended solids in the water

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