Nice Water Energy System + Alkaline ICP(F)-NICE SYS

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Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water
– Sterilization of the seafood smell
– Improve anti-bacteria effects. Kill atopic skin diseases
– Effective for skincare to bring back the smoothness to skin         and sheen to hair
– Electrolyzed water is rich in liquid vitamins and minerals             such as ionized calcium, which aids in prevention of                     osteoporosis
– Drink after exercised as alkaline water replenishes the               electrolyte balance 3 times more than other waters
– Electrolyzed ionized water helps to preserve nutrients within
  foods during cooking as well as the natural taste and flovours
  of the food
– Tea, coffee and other beverages taste better and smoother
– Washing vegetables and fruits to remove pesticide and

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