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Welcome to Crystal Pure.


Water is Life

Crystal Pure Sdn Bhd has been among the leading experts in the field of water optimization which sell & manufactures water filtration products for household and professional applications.

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About Us

In 2003, with the consistency in maintaining the good product quality, Crystal Pure Sdn Bhd was granted regulatory approval from the Health ministry of Malaysia and since then our company manages to grow extensively.
Our delivery area covers most of the northern region in Malaysia. Apart from the great coverage, the main concern in Crystal Pure Sdn Bhd has always been the best service to the customers, it is well illustrated from our slogan ‘’Excellent Service is Our Commitment’’.
The management team to production personnel is made up of individuals who have good experiences in handling the machine, repairing and servicing the workshops and sales and marketing. Some of these staffs are dedicated to the to the company for a good many years, for the development of the company.
We have been serving our esteemed customers with the pure and consumable drinking water for more than 17 years. Our services include water filtration, water dispenser, and selling of bottled water.

'It really saves me time and effort. Thanks for the great service.'

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Who are we?

Crystal Pure is the company serving clean drinking solutions to the large customer base.

Our Mission?

We lay the foundation of Crystal Pure with the mission of providing the solution to drink safe water. We want to give every individual access to the healthy option.

What we do?

We offer the high-quality filtration products and services both for the commercial and personal use.

Our Vision

With the vision of spreading health, Crystal Pure is paving its path to assure the availability of consumable drinking water.

Meet the team

We have with us staff that really believe in quality and excellent customer’s service. Our staff comprises of highly professional and utterly talented workers, who make sure that we keep up the great work. We are open to provide post-purchase maintenance services. If you are having trouble at any point of relationship with us, you can tell us and we do whatever is possible in our capacity to resolve your issue.